Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 670961

Matias Lonardi

Industrial engineer currently working as Sales & Marketing professional at @royal-dutch-shell . Co-founder at @snaggy and @goursocial-com

ID 643094

Jonathan Vainstein

Co-founder of Nuvelar.com. I'm also co-founder of ElectroSmart, a health company. Thanks to ElectroSmart I won several national and international prizes.

ID 723446

Mateo Marietti

Co-founder @cookunity . Succesful food entrepreneur. Owner of the biggest food delivery biz in Argentina. Founder of StyleClub.

ID 598541

Gustavo Insaurralde

Co-Founder on Bitmozo. Enterpreneur, Programmer Analyst, Applied Informatic Analyst and actor :)

ID 147911

Ariel Flesler

Co-Founder & CTO @amberads

ID 413649

Yanina Baglieri

Co-Founder of @technorides, Founder of @rock&Favours Product Designer

ID 11319

Sebastián Quezada

Founder. In charge of strategy, Biz dev & operations.10+ years of industry experience

ID 89827

Gaston Zelerteins

Tech Entrepreneur. Computer Sciences. Founder & Director @perception-group. and @ukueri.

ID 310309

Hernan Morales

CSO of Flyering. Strong business background. Helped to found Guia Queens and Hotel Solar del Rio

ID 663011

Daniel Molina

ID 752348

Diego Cimoli

CO-Founded MiEshop (2014) and Founded Cimcas S.R.L.(2011). CPA Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ID 349925

Federico Dibenedetto

Co-founder @wisboo Business driver backgroud• IT Project Manager, worked at @deloitte, @Accenture• Studied at @Universidad de San Andrés, @universidad-caece

ID 639544

Damian Nechaevsky

Founder @relock • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires, @escuelos-technicas-ort

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