Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 723446

Mateo Marietti

Co-founder @cookunity . Succesful food entrepreneur. Owner of the biggest food delivery biz in Argentina. Founder of StyleClub.

ID 310309

Hernan Morales

CSO of Flyering. Strong business background. Helped to found Guia Queens and Hotel Solar del Rio

ID 89827

Gaston Zelerteins

Tech Entrepreneur. Computer Sciences. Founder & Director @perception-group. and @ukueri.

ID 752348

Diego Cimoli

CO-Founded MiEshop (2014) and Founded Cimcas S.R.L.(2011). CPA Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ID 413649

Yanina Baglieri

Co-Founder of @technorides, Founder of @rock&Favours Product Designer

ID 11319

Sebastián Quezada

Founder. In charge of strategy, Biz dev & operations.10+ years of industry experience

ID 663011

Daniel Molina

ID 598541

Gustavo Insaurralde

Co-Founder on Bitmozo. Enterpreneur, Programmer Analyst, Applied Informatic Analyst and actor :)

ID 639544

Damian Nechaevsky

Founder @relock • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires, @escuelos-technicas-ort

ID 349925

Federico Dibenedetto

Co-founder @wisboo Business driver backgroud• IT Project Manager, worked at @deloitte, @Accenture• Studied at @Universidad de San Andrés, @universidad-caece

ID 147911

Ariel Flesler

Co-Founder & CTO @amberads

ID 670961

Matias Lonardi

Industrial engineer currently working as Sales & Marketing professional at @royal-dutch-shell . Co-founder at @snaggy and @goursocial-com

ID 643094

Jonathan Vainstein

Co-founder of Nuvelar.com. I'm also co-founder of ElectroSmart, a health company. Thanks to ElectroSmart I won several national and international prizes.

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