Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 333882

Ariel Berguño

iOS Senior Developer

ID 127193

Martin Cocaro

Computer Engineer specialized in software. Back-end & Front-end. Web & Mobile. Interested in AI & psychology. Founded one startup, CTO another

ID 375329

Alejandro C. Ortiz

IT Consultant - Quant Algorithmic Trading - Investor | Passionate about technology, Data Analysis

ID 103760

Damian Janowski

Co-founder & CTO @educabilia

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 363948

Guillermo Rauch


Cloudup CTO

ID 281344

Rodrigo Dominguez

13 yeas of experience as a developer, Co-Founder of Eligible Inc.

ID 448930

Fernando Guevara

Passional software developer. Teacher at 2 Universities on Information Systems and Networking courses. Strong financial market background.

ID 116948

Chad DePue


Founder of @inaka • CTO of @whisper, worked @Visto/Good, @microsoft • Studied at @AU

ID 398595

Pablo Lagioia

Founder @puzzling-ideas • Worked at @american-express, @cognizant-technology-solutions • Studied at @universidad-abierta-interamericana

ID 569752

Fernando Cea

JavaScript Developer, Technical Leader; Open Source lover, completing college on CS. I've lived at San Francisco, worked on the bay area with front-end stuff.

ID 143512

Eddie Ayling

CTO at @glyder, former VP of Technology at @globant, Senior Architect at @nextive, Custom Solutions Developer at @marsh-usa, Studied at @universidad-de-belgrano

ID 171344

Federico Scaduto

Founder @technorides • Worked at @globant, @ibm-global-business-services • Studied at @universidad-argentina-de-la-empressa

ID 231947

Martin Gontovnikas

Developer Advocate, Software Architect & Technology Lover. Worked @auth0 @aquicore , @zauber and @globant . Studied @universidad-tecnologica-nacional

ID 203570

Oscar Guindzberg

Founder @creationflow, @orientacionapadres-com • Worked at @Partido de la Red

ID 179235

Luciano Tolfo

Co-Founder of Scalpr. I'm a passionate software engineer, entrepreneur and coach. I deeply believe in synergy and teamwork as the key to achieve every success.

ID 146938

Hernán Calabrese

Lead Server engineer at Glyder. ex Nextive (Globant). Co-founded my first startup at 20.

ID 104992

Francisco Facioni

Worked at @olx, @redguru • Studied at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 585844

Diego Mendez

Software engineer with education background In Argentina, South Korea and several experiences in Europe. Entrepreneurial spirit looking forward for new adventures. Commitment and Proactivity are part of my daily basis tasks.

ID 152459

Alberto Miranda

Lead Developer @glyder, Software Architect @globant, Senior Developer @nextive, Senior Developer @hrsmart

ID 419668

Bernardo Pericacho Sánchez

PhD Student. Worked at @icex, @indra-systems.

ID 394792

Fernando Cammarota

Co-Founder and CTO at @zolvers. Strong skills in Java and PHP programming. Very enthusiastic and passionate about new upcoming challenges.

ID 293644

Nicolas Cohen

Co-Founder & CTO of EntrenaYa. Informatics Engineer. Team lead. Experience in Project Management. Mobile dev & team leader

ID 487518

Rodrigo Iloro

Badass Full Stack Developer

ID 182377

Claudio Fainschtein

CTO of Femeninas.com. Degree in information systems. Entrepreneur. A geek guy. Father of two.

ID 552261

Raúl Antonio Marino

CTO @viflux

ID 422605

Asael Arenas

Frontend Developer/Architect with plenty of experience working for important projects and brands on the IT sector. Building the internet since the late 90's.

ID 157532

Gabriel Maffia

Co-Founder at @funnely, @soukboard, @leanbirds, @digitalleague and @hashplay. Previously worked as Delivery Manager @nextive and Director of Operations @hrsmart.

ID 53356

Damian Martinelli

Co-founded @sumavisos - Software Engineer

ID 464862

Javier Castiarena

Co founder at Caliber

ID 43003

Pablo Fernandez

Built IaaS for @merrill-lynch before IaaS existed. Founder of frisky, software repository data mining platform. Long distance runner. CS at @virginia-tech.

ID 35010

Sascha Konietzke

Mobile, web & cloud enthusiast. Webmaster at VC-funded startup with 15. Former IT Consulting + Web Ops at HP. Previous mobile startup experience. iOS developer.

ID 298865

Sebastian Daniel Masseroni

Flash Platform Developer | Educational game creator in Flash, AIR & HTML5, Android & IOS apps. Skit! Team member: http://skitapp.com

ID 12426

Ernesto Tagwerker

Rubyist. Co-Founder @ombushop. Software Engineer. Co-Founded @aycron (2008)

ID 123586

Martin Conte Mac Donell

This specimen is an idealist for whom no product is fast enough, efficient enough, simple enough, elegant enough, or powerful enough.

ID 7403

Patricio Molina

Lead developer and technology consultant

ID 182374

Ricardo Lerch

Founder femeninas

ID 341461

Rafael A. Imas

Passionate generalist software developer, with 15+ years of experience in back-end, front-end and mobile software. These days focused on mobile development.

ID 11871

Roberto Gluck

Co-founder & CEO of @the-social-radio

ID 147911

Ariel Flesler

Co-Founder & CTO @amberads

ID 55830

Nubis Bruno

Entrepreneur, startup advisor and full stack software developer.

ID 36711

Roberto Gonzalez

Founder & CTO at Aerolab. BA in Business, BA in Information Systems at UBA.

ID 646048

Martin Carames Abente

Data Scientist with focus in artificial intelligence / Entrepreneur wannabe

ID 209717

Hugo Campos

Co-Founder CTO @lexplique • Worked at @ibm • @startupchile alumni • Ruby/RoR/JS coder and SaaS World TA @edX-BerkeleyX

ID 812091

Eduardo Vilas

Strong presales capabilities in Latin America region;Worked at Clarabridge, Subex, Comverse, CSG, Lucent, IBM, Red Link

ID 31668

Esteban Pastorino


ID 117673

Christian De Martino

Software Engineer with 10 years experience in IT , I've been developing in Java for 7 years and moved to iOs in 2009 also I'm and retro gaming fanatic.

ID 129717

Matias Woloski

Co-Founder of Auth0. Zero friction identity. Pragmatic, problem solver, identity zealot.

ID 61904

Eric Denovitzer

Co-founder and CTO of @tomoclases.com. Assistant Director Business Today International Conference. B.S.E.Computer Science, @princeton-university University.

ID 158798

Enrique P. Calot

Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Professor & Techie from the end of the world

ID 411671

Giancarlo Barrientos


Worked at @nubelo, @rocket-internet, @Clarin • Studied at @universidad-del-salvador

ID 89804

Juan Videla

Computer Science student, founder @gamerius

ID 101462

Germán Leiva

Master in HCI at Université Paris-Sud and KTH; Information System Engineer; Worked at Telecom, Siemens and Tobii

ID 434187

Rodrigo Vazquez

Founder Spark Flow. Specialties:Ad Serving technologies, large scale web applications, massive DBs, deployment of enterprise level DC, QC and process, R&D

ID 742385

Guido Kuznicki

ID 264119

Fernando Fernandez

Worked at @accenture, @ibm • Studied at @universidad-abierta-interamericana

ID 198617

Martin Becerra

Full-stack developer. Rubyist. Passionate about Startup ventures.

ID 373362

Dan Zajdband

Engineer @mango

ID 281633

Nicolás Parziale

Founder @needmade • Worked at @vostu, @getcast • Alumni @matter-ventures

ID 208846

Diego Fleflé

Order management Strong knowledge regarding bidding and contracts Domestic and international purchases of productive and unproductive material. Domestic and international consumables tender. Strong knowledge regarding material delivery agreements with su

ID 116976

Eugenio Costa

Computación (Ruby y Rails en particular), literatura y deportes.

ID 88463

Ariel Ickowicz

Worked at @cupoint • Studied at Escuelas Technicas ORT

ID 210316

Leandro Ardissone

Python developer at @quolaw

ID 830057

Santiago Sotomayor

Full-Stack developer with a strong Front-end capacity. Experience in a wide range of technologies from Back-end and Front-end.

ID 374368

Julio Carrettoni

27 years old OCD, gamer, computer engineering student, iOS Tech Leader at FDV Solutions. Madly in love. Creator of @DHUEstacion for iOS: http://goo.gl/7uyLF

ID 406437

Leandro Ostera

Director of Engineering @HabeasCorp. Frmr Web Engineer @clevertech. #JavaScripter. #UNIX philosopher.

ID 401897

German Palacios

Founder netschools • Worked at @avaya, @gemalto, @capgemini • Studied at @universidad-tecnologica-nacional

ID 298423

Cristian Conedera

Entrepeneur and Full Stack Developer, Co-Founder at @bothmedia, Co-founder & CTO at @sincronas

ID 785863

Juan Manuel Oxoby

ID 171836

Nicolas Rotta

CMU Graduate student, Entrepreneur. Www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasrotta

ID 390340

Jonas Garbovetsky

Started an email marketing company. Strong business & IT background.

ID 294511

Pablo Carranza Vélez

ITBA Electronic Engineer; signal processing and embedded systems are my thing.Co-Founder at @cran-io. Now starting to develop @andespace.

ID 81074

Ernesto Daicich

Product Manager at Atotech Argentina SA -Specialty Chemicals businesses of Total Group

ID 460658

Sebastian Durandeu

Software Engineer, +6 years experience in software consulting. Blog writer.

ID 244743

Ryan Dorn

I'm a professional geek and focus on primarily search marketing and web development.

ID 363682

Federico Bond

Software Engineering student at ITBA. Worked at @educabilia

ID 264184

Lisandro Martinez

Engineer, space scientist, designed space observation equipment, traveled to south pole, study alternate methods to reach ISS, commercial pilot flying A340

ID 643094

Jonathan Vainstein

Co-founder of Nuvelar.com. I'm also co-founder of ElectroSmart, a health company. Thanks to ElectroSmart I won several national and international prizes.

ID 24991

Luis Farzati

Full-Stack developer, architect and consultant. JavaScript passionate.

ID 284629

Angel Velásquez

Arch Linux Developer • Python / Django / PHP • e-commerce • machine learning • Worked at @bixti and citibuddies

ID 510548

Ale Benson

User centered design oriented. Front End Developer. Css Shaolin Monk. Web Performance Advocate.

ID 275712

Germán Ferreyra

Germán Ferreyra is a full stack software professional with over 10 years of experience in all stages of development lifecycle. 

ID 227650

Débora Edelberg

Passionate learner and user-lover UI designer and front-end developer.

ID 43993

Anibal Ambertin

+13 years working for Global IT projects with different roles (software developer, architect, researcher, project manager and consultant).

ID 156907

Tomas Lagro

Founder @mskme-1, doofoos • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires, @carmen-arriola-de-marin

ID 390622

Martin Candurra

Software Development Engineer Lead at Core Security

ID 696202

Gonzalo Soriano

Python Architect

ID 536828

Jose Maria Gonzalez A

Developer, Inventor, Entrepreneur Co-Founder Sirius systems , • Study at @universidad-austral, • Work at @tekgenesis

ID 389171

Hernán Borré

Software engineer entrepreneur that wants to help other tech companies to achieve their dreams digitally

ID 396599

Víctor Vitullo

Co-Founder @tec-solutions-network • CTO @fleetpeep • Worked at @the-coca-cola-company, @recurisva-srl • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 348203

José Luis Garbi

Prod dev + Prod management + UX

ID 335981

Sebastian Greco

Co-Founder of BothMedia SRL; CTO at Tomorrow Digital; Senior PHP/HTML5 programmer and Linux server administrator for hi-load apps; Cross platform mobile apps

ID 846830

Sebastian Gaston Redondo

CEO/CTO of Personal CTO, Realtime Web App developer,

ID 728066

Elias Molini

Founder @yaquevoy, CodeCoWorking • Studied at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 108946

Santiago Nisnik

Systems Engineer (and future Comercial and Sales Manager) Founded @sanihosting (sold to Neolo.com), passionate Internet user and entrepreneur.

ID 502673

Patricio Tarantino

Fervent developer • Dreamer • Study Maths and Computer Sciences at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 217937

Juan Ignacio Dopazo

ID 779056

Sebastian Freijo

ITBA Electronic Engineer; control, mechatronics and embedded systems. COO @cran.io

ID 793311

Federico Martín Alconada Verzini

Advanced CS student looking to gain experience. Currently working as a researcher/developer intern in the area of mobile computing & location-based development.

ID 297643

Axel Arroyo Braconi

Tecnical Leader of Sixmarketers, Mobile Advertising Agency, Big Data and Analytics Lover

ID 194436

José Gustavo Perego

Founder @pcptecnologia • Worked at @frontier-strategy-group, @inter-american-development-bank • Studied at @universidad-torcuato-di-tella

ID 642766

F M Quagliariello

Web craftsman, amateur sax player and espresso lover.

ID 799103

Alex QaSourcing

Senior QA Tester. Certified PMP. Bilingual Spanish/English

ID 723352

Gaston Moreno

Frontend Engineer, crazy about web performance improvements, 2 years of experience with AngularJs on production, currently playing with Web Components

ID 544403

Martín Volpe

Worked at @technorides

ID 59773

Federico Wachs

Worked at @globant, @2clams studios CTO @ Zukbox

ID 654720

Alejandro Maggi

Systems Engineer at Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, Buenos Aires.

ID 367052

Jonathan Ariel Muszkat


ID 139708

Daniel Nuske

Software Developer - Python Javascript - I'll hack anything

ID 320610

Guillermo Fritz

Self employee, frontend and backend architect & developer, providing IT solutions since 2006. Autodidact, always learning new

ID 153737

Pablo Samela

I graduated as a graphic designer and I specialised in Web development and I learned to programme using different languages, especially javascript, and php.

ID 719228

Fernando Zanelli

Full stack generalist, love to learn new stuff and share the knowledge with the team.

ID 664444

Matias Tebele


ID 602256

Pablo La Greca

Computer Engineering degree from the most recognised university in Argentina. Passionate for developing software and solving difficult technical problems.

ID 621511

Javier Loucim

Software Architect, Generalist, a nice mix of technical with leadership skills.

ID 483794

Ariel Méndez

Technology Entrepreneur

ID 269407

Francisco Reynolds

ID 766899

José Andrés Saumell

MS Electrical Engineering dedicated to low-level programming and linux platform building

ID 255213

Nicolas Ameghino

Enterprise iOS app developer, python enthusiast, acm icpc contestant, assistant professor @universidad de palermo

ID 200654

Andres Pi

Front-end developer, enthusiastic and detail oriented on improving the UX • Studied at @universidad-abierta-interamericana

ID 516753

Hernán Perez Serra

Webmaster at Informedical Journal. Webmaster at El Bondi. Webmaster at Uoopaa.

ID 406494

Pablo Alejandro Seibelt

I am a Software Analyst and Developer, it's my passion making the best possible systems. My main areas of knowledge are Data Mining and Web Development.

ID 675436

Jeff Kiiza

Data Science student with active interests in Machine Learning and 10+ years experience in the US and European startup sphere, working remotely and on-site.

ID 698348

Lucas Isasmendi

ID 166337

Roberto Bravo

Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-la-matanza

ID 880027

Damian Sastre

ID 445798

Mauro Casas

I've been coding since I'm 14, self-taught. I always wanted to have a company, so here I am, with my start-up idea.

ID 111391

Nicolas Garnil

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

ID 7230

Federico Frias

CEO of @bminds. Startup developing mobile & web applications.

ID 504372

Joaquin Quintas

Founder Moodsy

ID 90585

Sebastian Rabuini

I have been a developer since 1983, and web developer since 1997. Looking for web development opportunities, specialized in Ruby.

ID 592471

Tomas Zulberti

Full stack developer

ID 170616

Walter Gammarota

Enthusiast entrepreneur, php expert, launched an affiliate network on 2010

ID 84316

Luli Rosset

Co-Founder + Web developer @el-webstudio

ID 118900

Mariano Vicario

I'am technology passionate, great problem solver, fast learner and a hard worker. I know the main key of every successful project is the communication and trust of the team. I'm always ready for new challenges and searching for new things to improve my te

ID 512437

Juan Gomez Alzaga

Art Director at @cruzbarcelona / Full-time geek / Obsessed with #typography, #webdesign #illustration / Got a real love for #coding. It's like an addiction.

ID 554898

Jorge Aliss

Freelance Software Engineer

ID 879258

Gerardo Argiz

Test Engineer with solid programming background

ID 490991

Jorge Luis Fatta

Development Team Leader at Barcelona/04

ID 458633

Nicolas Nicolas

Creator of BuhoScrapperStore, Open Source contributor.

ID 486425

Javier Alba

Frontend Developer

ID 449893

Santiago Buczak

Sysadmin at Vostu Ltd. Engineering student at UTN in Buenos Aires

ID 734082

Fede Snieg

ID 583746

Carlos Salguero

29 years of experience writing programs. I've been working in Go for the last 7 months building a replacement for Cacti / Nagios using Go + MongoDB

ID 807249

Matias Corbanini

Software developer / engineer. Currently interested in Web Development and RESTful web services. Working mainly with JavaScript, using TDD and Github.

ID 748568

Juan Emilio Turk

Full Stack Developer

ID 724545

Alex Ruzzarin


ID 740428

Francisco Rosales

ID 544004

Martin Nahuel Rabaglia

Creative Tech Lead with more than 10 year on SE and 5 years leading teams that launched award sites and products.

ID 544348

Pablo Castillo

Founder and CTO at CEROCINCO Teacher at Universidad Nacional de Asuncion CTO at TEDIC

ID 474661

Sebastian Tirelli

ID 825482

Nico Hirsch

7+ years working as a Software Engineer at the biggest e-commerce site in Latin America (MercadoLibre) with a lot of different technologies.

ID 422419

Juan Uicich

Full stack web developer, experienced in managing developers and clients.

ID 615371

Guillermo Iván Schwindt Tzoneff

Software Engineering in progress, worked at Artfos, actually working at Globant ( First for Disney and now Apartments.com)

ID 727904

Alejandro Gomez

maybe later

ID 205285

Alejandro Matias Nagy

A 29 year old Developer with aspirations (dreams) of becoming a Game De. Married and with a son. Lean Entrepreneur.

ID 363495

Matías Eidis

Wish to work in several organizations that allows me to meet my expectations for professional growth, applying knowledge and skills to its service. Specialties: java, programming, software design and architecture. Web development

ID 84673

Cecilia Lasarte

HR Consultant Master degree in Human Resources Management Bachelor in Science with a Major in Psychology

ID 101003

Diego Martinez

Working to change the way we tell our professional story. http://cvgram.me

ID 251390

Gonzalo Aune

CTO of Prinkipia

ID 411276

Nico Bevacqua

Full stack generalist, check out links for a complete profile

ID 443861

Carlos Eduardo Jerez

Founder @ Cookapp

ID 327408

Gonzalo Iglesias

Pro-active and flexible. Responsible and commited to deadlines. Worked for Gameloft, Disney (MDV) and The History Channel.

ID 313677

Marcelo Origoni

Father, Son & Husband. Argentinian Web Developer, Javascript ninja, @mootools lover. I've been coding, since I was 8, but I started getting paid, when I was 20

ID 316239


Founder @triptourage and @citibuddies

ID 360767

Lucas Nasif

Software developer from Argentina

ID 397346

Alejandro Jatib

Entrepreneur, Co-founder and CTO at @mascota-nube

ID 113127

Olaf Erlandsen

ID 103722

Franco Zeoli

Passionate and entrepreneurial software developer with a strong product and business focus.

ID 325555

Manuel Araoz

ITBA CS, founded two startups, bitcoin enthusiast, game development freelancer, developer of https://www.proofofexistence.com/

ID 338093

Alejandro R. Buteler

ID 393301

Martin Llanos

ID 395439

Alejandro Barbero


ID 81023

Jason Kirst

UX Specialist and Drupal Developer. Over 13 years of experience with Enterprise Web Apps. Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Cendant, Cartus, Agistix.

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