Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 115526

Juan Lopez Salaberry


Partner @500startups. Media entrepreneur, connector and advisor.

ID 22526

Alejandro Cavallero


Founder GuiaLocal, @ciudades-com-argentina • Worked at @citigroup, @hsbc • Investor @nxtp-labs, @wehostels • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 363948

Guillermo Rauch


Cloudup CTO

ID 57657

Güimar Vaca Sittic


Angel Investor @ Fabrice Grinda & Jose Marin Investments • @quasar-ventures and @cena-plus-1 (Acq by @restorando ) • BA @university-of-chicago

ID 24102

Andres Barreto


Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founder of @onswipe @grooveshark @pulsosocial @socialatom-ventures

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 101492

Pablo Larguia

Founder & CEO @redguru

ID 24070

Patrick Dugan

Fmr. Game Designer at Crowdstar, Vostu; Co-founder, Playhopper, Play This Thing!

ID 155092

Milagros Gutierrez

Founder @pinggers, @viralica • Worked at @globant, @playphone • Studied at @universidad-de-belgrano

ID 399268

Matías Negrotto

Co-founder of @homeboard. Founder of @delmar, @foro-uces • Worked at @yahoo

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 13723

Rodrigo Teijeiro

Founder & CEO of @fnbox.com

ID 42180

Marcos Steverlynck

Co-Founder at @rise-art, Partnerships for @android and Mobile at @google, Principal Consultant at @siebel-systems, MBA at LBS, MSc in Engineering

ID 50765

Marta Cruz


Co-Founder & Director at @nxtplabs and @nextperience-1. Former CEO & Regional Director at MRM-IPGGroup.

ID 375329

Alejandro C. Ortiz

IT Consultant - Quant Algorithmic Trading - Investor | Passionate about technology, Data Analysis

ID 53147

Meyer Malka


Entrepreneur by design and Investor at heart, focused on the utilization of technology to disrupt consumer financial services. Founder of @ribbit-capital

ID 110942

Spencer Richardson

Co-Founder & CEO @fanbridge (also: http://ChannelPages.com ). Married to Sofía @cosmoArteTV. Life is short - have fun and build cool stuff...

ID 8910

Diego Saez-Gil


Founder of @wehostels (acquired by @studentuniverse). Investor and advisor to some startups.

ID 39930

Shon Burton

Founder @hiringsolved, hiring will never be the same. Also founded @wildcog, grew to $2M revenue hiring top engineers for AAPL, GOOG, @twitter, Box and more.

ID 35134

Mariano Suarez Battan


Founder & CEO @ @mural-ly, Founder & Board Member @idea-me. Founded @three-melons: created social games played globally. Acquired by Playdom/Disney in 2010.

ID 103760

Damian Janowski

Co-founder & CTO @educabilia

ID 258733

Markus Kahlbetzer


Founder & CEO @bridgelane-group, Founder & Director @tank-stream-ventures & @tank-stream-labs , Studied @university-of-sydney-1

ID 281344

Rodrigo Dominguez

13 yeas of experience as a developer, Co-Founder of Eligible Inc.

ID 13884

Pablo Stefanini

Co-founder and C.O.O. at Criticis. UI & UX Specialist. Product Designer. Former pre-sales Consultant for @globant. Singer in a Metal Band.

ID 60005

Martin Iglesias


Open to new ventures

ID 287942

Borja Burgos

Founder Tutum • Worked at @capgemini, @wells-fargo • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @georgia-institute-of-technology, University of Hyogo

ID 179235

Luciano Tolfo

Co-Founder of Scalpr. I'm a passionate software engineer, entrepreneur and coach. I deeply believe in synergy and teamwork as the key to achieve every success.

ID 405600

Drew Beaurline

Founder @construct-2 • Product Manager @safer-taxi, @techstars Alumni w/ @fetchnotes, Research Lead @World Startup Report

ID 54609

Gabriel Antonini


Worked at @amazon, @hewlett-packard • Studied at @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 179116

Susana Cipriota

Co-Founder at @funnely & @leanbirds • MA in Tech Biz Administration at @UdeSA • Lean Startup Evangelist

ID 343252

Jakob Storm

Founder @crowdcurity • Worked at @chr-hansen-a-s • Studied at @upc, @engineering-college-of-copenhagen

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 157532

Gabriel Maffia

Co-Founder at @funnely, @soukboard, @leanbirds, @digitalleague and @hashplay. Previously worked as Delivery Manager @nextive and Director of Operations @hrsmart.

ID 175275

Maximiliano De Muro


Tech entrepreneur, advisor, intrapreneur and executive

ID 398546

Paul Murphy

Co-founder Clarify. 3rd startup. Engineer. Have worked in NY, London, Buenos Aires.

ID 182374

Ricardo Lerch

Founder femeninas

ID 50513

Ariel Barmat

Co-Founder of @oony-1. Founded Weegoh. Worked at @globant and Iplan Networks.

ID 231947

Martin Gontovnikas

Developer Advocate, Software Architect & Technology Lover. Worked @auth0 @aquicore , @zauber and @globant . Studied @universidad-tecnologica-nacional

ID 75437

Erik Preston

Biz Dev for @lovely, Ops for @citrusbyte, RE Development for startup hotel in Buenos Aires, proud alum @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 86415

Ariel Di Stefano

CEO @shopperception. VP of Product Marketing at Kayxo. Marketing Manager at Velocom - AOL Argentina and Datco. Marketing professor at UNSAM.

ID 293650

Javier Wasserman

I specialize in thinking. Web Developer. Geek. Love Nature. Freelance entrepreneur for 9 years, leadershiping teams in the digital marketing industry.

ID 34712

Matias Paterlini

Entrepreneur, Co-founder and CTO at @the-fan-machine-1 | Social Marketing Technologies. @facebook Prefered Developer Consultant. Young Entrepreneur from Buenos Aires Award

ID 101745

Diego Meller

Founder @jampp, @livra

ID 53098

Agustin Badano

CEO & Founder at @intiza. Previously VC Fund Manager at Banco Santander in Argentina.

ID 88299

Diego Sternberg

Co-Founder & CEO at @cupoint. Founder at FullEXIT. Stanford MBA. Worked at McKinsey, BCG and Techint.

ID 123586

Martin Conte Mac Donell

This specimen is an idealist for whom no product is fast enough, efficient enough, simple enough, elegant enough, or powerful enough.

ID 52895

Juan Pablo Torras

Co-Founder @club-point. Latin American Flash Sales Site (launched in Argentina and Chile). I worked in consulting and I sold my first advertising start-up.

ID 53356

Damian Martinelli

Co-founded @sumavisos - Software Engineer

ID 147078

Alejandro Alfonso

Founder & CTO @ Tienda Nube/Nuvem Shop Studied CS at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 35010

Sascha Konietzke

Mobile, web & cloud enthusiast. Webmaster at VC-funded startup with 15. Former IT Consulting + Web Ops at HP. Previous mobile startup experience. iOS developer.

ID 86603

Raul Verano

CTO at @shopperception. VP of Development at Kayxo. Team leader at InterBanking. Hardcore tech skills at programming AI, Heuristics, Robotic Vision, Scalability.

ID 78870

Dan Linstroth

Co-Founder and CMO of @heroic. International marketing experience. Strong project and team management background. Published writer. @purdue-university University.

ID 293644

Nicolas Cohen

Co-Founder & CTO of EntrenaYa. Informatics Engineer. Team lead. Experience in Project Management. Mobile dev & team leader

ID 386667

Juan Hardoy Vaquer

Founder @clippate • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 147047

Santiago Sosa

Founder & CEO @ Tienda Nube/Nuvem Shop

ID 129472

Facundo Turconi


Founder @coomuna. Strong business background (Head of Business Acceso, before Risk Manager BFP, @interbank & @experian through Latam). MBA @ucema

ID 266971

Martin Spinetto

Marketing specialists who loves mixing two variables: Creativity and Technology. Former Consumer Marcom Director for Latam at Microsoft.

ID 413649

Yanina Baglieri

Co-Founder of @technorides, Founder of @rock&Favours Product Designer

ID 443088

Juan Ozino Caligaris

Co-Founder @Nubitycloud

ID 86492

Pablo Grandinetti

Serial entrepreneur, advisor and investor. Co-founder & COO at @urbita. Co-founder & Board Member at @Blink-2.

ID 43003

Pablo Fernandez

Built IaaS for @merrill-lynch before IaaS existed. Founder of frisky, software repository data mining platform. Long distance runner. CS at @virginia-tech.

ID 155871

Augusto Petrone

Founder @the-other-guys, Part of @three-melons founding group - Creative Director, acquired by @playdom, @the-walt-disney-company in 2010.

ID 155925

Pablo Mayer

Founder @the-other-guys, Part of @three-melons founding group - Executive Producer, acquired by @playdom, @the-walt-disney-company in 2010.

ID 253104

Nicolas Igot

Co-Founder aiotra /// Co-Founder mundo flaneur

ID 253295

Nicolas Ibañez

Founder aiotra • Worked at @bbdo, @ddb-worldwide-communications-group • Studied at @universidad-de-ciencias-empresarieles-y-sociales

ID 58605

Martín Palombo

Founder & CPO @ @tienda-nube-nuvem-shop / @nuvem-shop-deleted

ID 101714

Gabriel Oyarzabal

Founder @jampp

ID 72820

Tomas O'Farrell

Co-Founder at @workana

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. Travel super-nerd. Front-end dev + biz-dev. Entrepreneur-in-residence @angelcube. </buzzwords>

ID 48700

Pablo Ambram

3 times entrepreneur. Economist, strong financial background. Wharton. +10 years programming experience as well. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt.

ID 407336

Alejandro Burato

Technology | Media | Strategy | Finance. MBA @ UCLA Anderson and Computer Science Engineering @ UB.

ID 61464

Manuela Arnedo Barreiro

Team member of Trendsetter.

ID 52270

Gustavo Vilgré La Madrid

Co-Founder at @comenta-tv

ID 487057

Michael Koh


Founder & CEO - fypio • Founder of ApartmentsBA; Largest buyer of residential real estate in Argentina from 2003-2010; Proven leader who excels at leading Cos.

ID 87369

Artur Maklyarevsky

Serial Entrepreneur My Startups: http://JuicyCanvas.com http://ConvertMyFlash.com Masters @new-york-university ITP http://linkd.in/MSboUv

ID 37644

Federico Roma

Entrepreneur. Founder of @liibook.com. UX Developer / Graphic Designer. Solid skills in illustration, photography and a focused team player.

ID 61370

Tomas Caraccia

CEO & CO-Founder at @fanwards

ID 39718

Tomás Peña

Board Member and Business Dev. at @solapa-4. Mentor @nxtp-labs-1

ID 106459

Manuel Vélez Arango

Co-founder / CEO @micarga • Studied at @concordia-university

ID 83759

David Bongiovanni

Mobile, distributed systems, big data, gaming. Workpad, ReferralMD, NDT.org, Carnegie Mellon Engineering.

ID 51798

Santiago Fernández

CEO Of @crystalis-consulting Chile, Industrial Engineer.

ID 323747

Kent Dickson

A business and technical leader. I love platforms, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Was a key leader at BEA, Tendril and GridMachine.

ID 90538

David Alvo

CEO & Founder of @lookup. @founder-institute grad. @nxtp-labs entrepreneur.

ID 12426

Ernesto Tagwerker

Rubyist. Co-Founder @ombushop. Software Engineer. Co-Founded @aycron (2008)

ID 405527

Andres Aller

Co-Founder & COO @ MediaFem • Worked at @kpmg, @grant-thornton. Finance, Entrepreneurship & Growth is what makes me move everyday.

ID 338703

Michele Gonçalves

Brazilian, easygoing, world traveler, tech entrepreneur, food enthusiast, a Fashion Designer by profession, Marketer by vocation, Blogger by choice, obsessed with make-up, travel and technology. Co-founder at Obsequio • Worked at @restorando-com, @shopear

ID 51638

Javier Cami


Serial Entrepreneur, Founder @likeeds & @e-volution-digital-marketing • Investor&CEO @likeeds • Graduated in Architecture, System Designer, Advertising & Business Management.

ID 59642

Anne-Sophie Dutat

14yrs of experience in Innovation & Biz Dev building brand platforms within the luxury, beauty, food and travel market.

ID 173859

Fernando Sabre

COO of Wideo.co / Economist UBA / SMB Assessor in Galicia Bank / Assessor in Buenos Aires Government.

ID 98359

Charlie Deane

Founder @yeva-me-1, notis.tv • Worked at @kit-digital • Studied at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 150407

Pablo M Sánchez

Co-Founder & CEO @mango - https://getmango.com

ID 182377

Claudio Fainschtein

CTO of Femeninas.com. Degree in information systems. Entrepreneur. A geek guy. Father of two.

ID 170971

Andres Lawson


Internet Entrepreneur & Angel Investor. Founder & Director of EmporioCompras.com, Dafiti.com and Polisofia Bain&Co. Alumni

ID 84882

Mariano Bartolomé Fernández

Tech Entrepreneur / Looking for new opportunities.

ID 274006

Laís de Oliveira


ID 11871

Roberto Gluck

Co-founder & CEO of @the-social-radio

ID 112256

Fede Pernot

Internet Entrepreneur Co-Founder - CEO @mind-factoryar Gaming + Cognitive Stimulation

ID 9940

Gabriel Baños

CEO & Co-Founder of @zauber, a high-end Software Lab building Big Data, ML and Social Analytics products.

ID 155510

Ian Mackinnon

Founded and orchestrated @xtreamis & @hashplay • Worked at @ibm, @CorporateT, @gameloft • Specialized in Digital Rights management & Media Services.

ID 158798

Enrique P. Calot

Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Professor & Techie from the end of the world

ID 147668

Angeles Cortesi

ID 15831

Pablo Sabbatella

Founder of @buscoturno. Economy student. Entrepreneur since 14. I love technology, business & innovation. Founded @nightclubber, @hackemate, @enfoque21

ID 390078

Pablo Federico Abramowicz

Studied at @instituto-tecnologico-de-buenos-aires-1, Co-Founder at @kibind

ID 439424

Jonathan La Banca

Co-Founder & CIO @mango https://getmango.com/

ID 129717

Matias Woloski

Co-Founder of Auth0. Zero friction identity. Pragmatic, problem solver, identity zealot.

ID 17679

Juan Manuel Abrigo

Co-Founder of @LateralView and @AttenderApp. iOS Developer. I love technology, music and design. I think a lot about the future of these areas.

ID 477374

Rodrigo Benadon Oks


Founder & Investor @handouts, @tipitap, @booksy • Bitcoin early adopter • Taught @parsons-school-of-design-1 • Studied at @rochester-institute-of-technology

ID 61904

Eric Denovitzer

Co-founder and CTO of @tomoclases.com. Assistant Director Business Today International Conference. B.S.E.Computer Science, @princeton-university University.

ID 467532

Agustín Linenberg

Founder & CEO of Aerolab

ID 723446

Mateo Marietti

Co-founder @cookunity . Succesful food entrepreneur. Owner of the biggest food delivery biz in Argentina. Founder of StyleClub.

ID 167787

Hernan Liendo

Founder @zupcat-1 - CTO-COO - University teacher at UTN - Adobe Expert - System Engineer

ID 46872

Marcelo Grebois

Founder @buscoturno, GutenChef • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 155212

Sonia Oster

Founder of Aprentica. Professor. President of the Argentine Fulbright Alumni Association. Board of Governors Fulbright Academy. Worked at Sony & IBM. MFA, UX.

ID 107935

Pablo Silva

Co-founder of BandBlip, 12 years of international experience in digital (US, EU & LATAM.) Former SVP, Online at News Corp and Director, New Media at Time-Warner

ID 281633

Nicolás Parziale

Founder @needmade • Worked at @vostu, @getcast • Alumni @matter-ventures

ID 104949

Fer Isella

Founder @limbo-digital (Digital Music Distribution). Music Producer. 2 million records for Sony. British Council Entrepreneur Award. Fulbright & Berklee Alumni.

ID 52228

Monroe Yohey

Monroe Yohey is an Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Social Media Consultant, Digital Cinema Producer/Director, Creative Advertising Director

ID 89827

Gaston Zelerteins

Tech Entrepreneur. Computer Sciences. Founder & Director @perception-group. and @ukueri.

ID 434187

Rodrigo Vazquez

Founder Spark Flow. Specialties:Ad Serving technologies, large scale web applications, massive DBs, deployment of enterprise level DC, QC and process, R&D

ID 315328

Giulia Baiocchi

Co-founder of HoyPlan. Strong Business Background @ubs-investment-bank New Projects Development with Global Reach. Digital Marketing Expert. @bocconi-university

ID 134429

Guillermo Santangelo

CEO & Co-Founder @moveon-media (News & Advertising on Wireless LCD Screens over Busses) CEO & Founder Dreamland Networks Inc. IT Services. Entrepreneur. Geek.

ID 89804

Juan Videla

Computer Science student, founder @gamerius

ID 307874

Pablo Baldomá Jones

Founder @suyit @la-plata-hub @musicwheeler

ID 411671

Giancarlo Barrientos


Worked at @nubelo, @rocket-internet, @Clarin • Studied at @universidad-del-salvador

ID 325808

Gabriel Pablo Marcolongo

CoFounder @incluyemecom, @yeeeu • Strong business background (@procter-gamble-2) • Studied at @babson-college, Systems Engineer @universidad-tecnologica-nacional

ID 44638

Gaston Irigoyen

CEO & Co-Founder of @guidecentral. Worked at @google and @youtube.

ID 36711

Roberto Gonzalez

Founder & CTO at Aerolab. BA in Business, BA in Information Systems at UBA.

ID 50007

Jonatan Flores

I design Web & Mobile interfaces

ID 349925

Federico Dibenedetto

Co-founder @wisboo Business driver backgroud• IT Project Manager, worked at @deloitte, @Accenture• Studied at @Universidad de San Andrés, @universidad-caece

ID 325845

Pablo Fernando Veltri

CFO/CIO and co-founder of Incluyeme.com Electronics Engineer, MBA, Private Pilot Strong IT & Business Background (Weatherford Int. Inc., Verizon Business, ABB)

ID 209717

Hugo Campos

Co-Founder CTO @lexplique • Worked at @ibm • @startupchile alumni • Ruby/RoR/JS coder and SaaS World TA @edX-BerkeleyX

ID 196035

Francisco Regusci

Co-Founded @buscoestudiar-com, @civitaslabs & @zlupp. Changing the way Governments & Citizens communicate.

ID 284966

German Utz

Founder DeptoLibre • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba

ID 160498

Ramiro Durini

Co-Founder at @double-doods and @survey-kiwi . Part of @startupchile and @seed-startups-and-entrepreneurship-ecosystem-development

ID 321427

Sebastian Bromberg

Founder of Wagaduu! and Syntagma, father, serial entrepeneur, software engineer, addicted to series, amateur musician, tennis, soccer.

ID 435256

Nicolas Tzovanis

Co-Founder at Syrmo • Electronic Engineer at @instituto-tecnologico-de-buenos-aires-1

ID 73423

Eduardo Forte Barros


New Business Developer - Entrepreneur

ID 394760

Gabriel Dominguez

ID 249586

Marcos Aramburu

Founder Aimmin • Worked at @the-nielsen-company, @mediacom • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 164685

Darja Gutnick

CEO, co-founder at citibuddies, PhD candidate at University of Groningen (in pause), ex business consultant, glomad (RUS, GER, USA, CN, NL, ARG)

ID 198617

Martin Becerra

Full-stack developer. Rubyist. Passionate about Startup ventures.

ID 210917

Brian Condenanza

Founder @silurgy. Owner of popular blogs such as Fashion.cd, Vintage.cf and more. Making Social Media Management affordable to EVERY business!

ID 39368

Kaveh Golabi

CEO of @mylingo-org. CoFounder and former dir of marketing of pioneering @cramster-com, web's top collegiate community (sold to @chegg).Graduate of @university-of-california-los-angeles.

ID 170896

Ezequiel Rodríguez Padilla

Founder & programmer of Es Noticia!. Ingeniero Industrial Chief of Marketing - UOLE S.A. (2010-212) Founder of HUELLAS (ONG)

ID 664263

Yas García

CCO in Shovel apps. Journalist digital and content management. Evangelizer of new communication technologies and Open Data.

ID 88493

Diana Sanchez

Founder @sontra • Worked at @jp-morgan, @barclays-capital • Studied at @university-of-bath

ID 317295

Pablo Verdenelli

Founder of InfoAD, Worked at @junior-achievement • Studied at @babson-college-franklin-w-olin-graduate-school-of-business, @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba

ID 167861

Danilo Durazzo

Founder @Unicoapp @GFDD Group , @roundrate • Studied Economics at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 188011

Pablo Salvagni

Founder @root4 • Worked at @e-volution • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 102012

Hernan Puente

Father - Internet and Football Freak - Interactive Producer and Project Manager - Entrepreneur - Semi-Geek. In that order. Founder @indicius • Worked at @accenture, @ibm

ID 97193

Gaston Montenegro

CEO and Founder Pigit Argentina • I see potential and opportunity when others shy away

ID 48407

David Cohn

Co-founder at @regroup-therapy LLC Semi finalist in last year's Mai Bangkok Business Challenge. MBA from IE Ex-Director LatAm, Spain & Portugal @ CEB (CIOEB)

ID 181519

Federico Ignacio Guaglianone

Co-Founder at DoubleDoods.com

ID 233786

Sonia Schaefer

Founder of Hoytrabajo • Studied at @universidad-de-san-andres • Passionate about education and social innovation • Entrepreneur aspiring to make a difference!

ID 109864

Jen Peck

Co-founder at @loogla-1. Background in eLearning and Instructional design, Project Management for educational giants McGraw-Hill and Pearson.

ID 146479

Federico Agustín Pedernera

Founder @epicrisis MD expert in Medical Informatics and change management. former CIO Sanatorio Mater Dei, former resident at Hospital Italiano de Bueno Aires

ID 108946

Santiago Nisnik

Systems Engineer (and future Comercial and Sales Manager) Founded @sanihosting (sold to Neolo.com), passionate Internet user and entrepreneur.

ID 487800

Gustavo Daniel Ramos

Co-Founder & CSO of uSound - Building Future

ID 322321

Adrian Bono

Founder & Editor-In-Chief. The Bubble. | Deputy Editor. Buenos Aires Herald.com. | Contributor. Ambito.com. | Journalist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

ID 335981

Sebastian Greco

Co-Founder of BothMedia SRL; CTO at Tomorrow Digital; Senior PHP/HTML5 programmer and Linux server administrator for hi-load apps; Cross platform mobile apps

ID 97767

Augusto Hassel

Founder @puerto-finanzas • Worked at @dc-ventures • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-la-plata

ID 713378

Flavio Diaz Calio'

ID 861641

Ariel Díaz Ailán


ID 404359

Muriel Bourgeois

Ceo & Co-Founder micuento.com. Founder of Massive Cultural & Educative Projects, Storytelling and Children’s Content Generation.

ID 294511

Pablo Carranza Vélez

ITBA Electronic Engineer; signal processing and embedded systems are my thing.Co-Founder at @cran-io. Now starting to develop @andespace.

ID 51749

Sebastian Garcia Padin

I am an entrepreneur, creative and mentor. Since 6 years until now conducts comprehensive business management and creativity Sinus.la campaigns, developing campaigns for brands such as Pepsi, Lay's, 7up, Cerveza Quilmes, Mama Luchetti, Gatorade, Brahma,

ID 110804

Facundo Castagna

General Manager at Senegocia Argentina

ID 393928

Guadalupe Antao Cortez

Founder FleetPeep, @sinergias-creativas • Worked at @chevrontexaco, @sony-pictures-entertainment

ID 394704

Giuliana Alpern

Digital Marketing Strategies at Pick-eat • Studied at @stern-school-of-business

ID 406437

Leandro Ostera

Director of Engineering @HabeasCorp. Frmr Web Engineer @clevertech. #JavaScripter. #UNIX philosopher.

ID 160736

Matias O'Keefe

Founder @lyncros & @truefan • Partner @frubis • Worked at @motorola • EMBA @IAE Engineering @ITBA

ID 788614

Roque Masciottra

Co-founder of Capta360. ITBA, MOT, Pending, December 2014 . Sales Manager at Kleppe S.A. Board member Cuaribar S.A.

ID 545681

Martin Virdis

Co-Founder of Nuvelar • Lean Startup practitioner • Economist

ID 298423

Cristian Conedera

Entrepeneur and Full Stack Developer, Co-Founder at @bothmedia, Co-founder & CTO at @sincronas

ID 98156

Mauro Zadunaisky

Lean hacker @dotspin | Coworker @Njambre | Lead developer http://BrowniePHP.org | Apprentice @hacerhistoria

ID 111391

Nicolas Garnil

Software Engineer and Entrepreneur

ID 334460

Fernando Tauscher

ID 235749

Matías Ghirimoldi

Founder of @hoytrabajo • Worked at an insurance company and the National Justice Department • Studying Law at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 239749

Ignacio Vega

Founder @sontra • Worked at @ellerstina, @remax • Studied at @fadu

ID 664444

Matias Tebele


ID 208528

Pablo R. Laurta

Director @vcontenidos

ID 200842

Raul Oviedo


Founder @tu-auto-al-click, Audit Car • Studied at @university-of-chile, @universidad-autonoma-metropolitana • Financial Engineer - Planning & Controller Diploma

ID 61100


Die-hard foodie, kitchen klutz and entrepreneur. Created @bookofcooks.com, the first online marketplace for home-cooked meals.

ID 396599

Víctor Vitullo

Co-Founder @tec-solutions-network • CTO @fleetpeep • Worked at @the-coca-cola-company, @recurisva-srl • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 111161

Diego Arditti

Founder @docturno, Check-in Hoy

ID 233975

Andrés Costa Cordova

Founder of Hoytrabajo • Worked at @citigroup • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires • Born entrepreneur & team worker. Intuitive and proactive.

ID 110139

Fernando Abadi

Founder & CEO @docturno, 1st site where patients book doctor appointments online 24-7 in Latin America. Strong business background (Endemol). Bachelor Economics

ID 152791

Ivan Piotrowski

Founder at @notper • Studied at Universidad Argentina De La Empresa

ID 114869

Roberto Manguel

@groobix.com-CoFounder / Cloud Apps for SMBs. mJoyNetworks-CoFounder / SMS gateway in Latam sold to JetMultimedia. Winit-President/ Corp. software dev. house.

ID 706442

Renzo Espósito

Apasionado de llevar las ideas a la acción. Director de apleno.net . En constante aprendizaje, crecimiento y cambios. #Coaching #Emprender #Marketing

ID 396603

Carlos De Bernardi

CCO @fleetpeep •Founder @tec-solutions-network • Worked at @accor-services-s-a • Studied at @pontificia-universidad-catolica

ID 367052

Jonathan Ariel Muszkat


ID 160920

Enrique Medina

Founder @technorides • Worked at @mercadolibre

ID 391755

Lucas Fernandez

Founder @chapox-group • Worked at @brakes-racing, @junior-games-http-www-juniorgames-com-ar • Studied at @universidad-tecnologica-nacional

ID 208947

Carlos Joost Newbery

For more than 30 years, Carlos Joost Newbery has played an instrumental role in bringing telecommunications and agribusiness opportunities to Latin America.

ID 397346

Alejandro Jatib

Entrepreneur, Co-founder and CTO at @mascota-nube

ID 785777

Juan Pablo Alvarez Gallesio

Engineering student @ Universidad Catolica Argentina . Born in Buenos Aires, with an entrepreneurial spirit. Very committed to social welfare causes .

ID 90585

Sebastian Rabuini

I have been a developer since 1983, and web developer since 1997. Looking for web development opportunities, specialized in Ruby.

ID 761136

Iván Ándres Tabachnik

Founder Trision, Actitud Web, Darwin Research. 3D print • Studied at @escuela-superior-de-comercio-carlos-pellegrini

ID 254256

Marcos Alvarado

Founder @nokter, @Babú • Studied at @universidad-catolica-argentina-santa-maria-de-los-buenos-aires

ID 393571

Martín Parlato

CEO and Co-Founder @posibl

ID 429975

Beatriz Méndez

Founder Dónde está mi vacante

ID 316239


Founder @triptourage and @citibuddies

ID 317194

Ramiro Araya

Co-Founder of NeroDiavolo

ID 139551

Pablo Slucki

Co funder, CEO at @in-mente-web-s-r-l, we make things happen

ID 84316

Luli Rosset

Co-Founder + Web developer @el-webstudio

ID 504372

Joaquin Quintas

Founder Moodsy

ID 202304

Gerardo Alton-Ortega

Founder @vital-digital-global-corp and creator of Digi-cards download cards and digi-codes download codes

ID 479756

Sebastián Del Brutto

CEO & Founder Seguro.com.ar. Insurance business in Latin America

ID 118900

Mariano Vicario

I'am technology passionate, great problem solver, fast learner and a hard worker. I know the main key of every successful project is the communication and trust of the team. I'm always ready for new challenges and searching for new things to improve my te

ID 443861

Carlos Eduardo Jerez

Founder @ Cookapp

ID 445798

Mauro Casas

I've been coding since I'm 14, self-taught. I always wanted to have a company, so here I am, with my start-up idea.

ID 35059

Felipe Herrera

Team member of @ventas-privadas-srl.

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