Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 35134

Mariano Suarez Battan


Founder & CEO @ @mural-ly, Founder & Board Member @idea-me. Founded @three-melons: created social games played globally. Acquired by Playdom/Disney in 2010.

ID 157709

Nicolás Saorin Boti

Marketing&sales experience. Strong business background (sales, finance and law). Studies with GPA of 9 out 10 Main goal: global entrepreneurship.

ID 785732

Vanessa Wright

Stakeholder & Public Relations | Communications | International Business | Marketing | Event Management

ID 354241

Joaquin Moreno

Entrepreneur, experienced Product Manager and founder. Led project for e-commerce, Mobile and Media industries. Talk? My skype is joacomoreno

ID 279570

Santiago Muchinik

Banking background moved into VC in Latin America for a Regional Fund.

ID 624229

David Deutsch

Bitcoin and trading enthusiast with experience working a variety of business development and operations type roles in start-up companies

ID 237265

Carolina Della Corte


ID 812091

Eduardo Vilas

Strong presales capabilities in Latin America region;Worked at Clarabridge, Subex, Comverse, CSG, Lucent, IBM, Red Link

ID 284966

German Utz

Founder DeptoLibre • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba

ID 317295

Pablo Verdenelli

Founder of InfoAD, Worked at @junior-achievement • Studied at @babson-college-franklin-w-olin-graduate-school-of-business, @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba

ID 572735

Matt Garlick

10+ years experience in business development, sales and product management in the Internet and Wireless industries in Latin America

ID 653966

Matias Lewin

Sales manager at @technorides. Previously at @kimberly-clark and Buenos Aires Software.

ID 61388

Ignacio Harriague

Entrepreneur and business guy. Previously Biz Dev at @comenta-tv @fanwards @the-walt-disney-company @playdom and @three-melons

ID 167861

Danilo Durazzo

Founder @Unicoapp @GFDD Group , @roundrate • Studied Economics at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 547974

Luciano Colos

MEng student at UC Berkeley; Business development and Sales; Startups

ID 438031

Thibaud Marechal

Founder @igloo. Previously founded @uniiv-1 . Studied IS @McGill. Went to @mit GFSA

ID 463057

Daniel Lieser

Cofounder at TrustLeaf. Biz Dev. Growth Hacking. Experience in both soul-crushing & non-soul-crushing sales. International Econ. Standup comedy. Ice cream.

ID 749892

Braulio Soares

Country Manager at Lemon Inc; Worked at Chevron, General Mills and HP.

ID 672495

Andres Fleischer

I've been an entrepeneur, i have experience in Bitcoin, work hard and also i'm a creative, sociable person

ID 544348

Pablo Castillo

Founder and CTO at CEROCINCO Teacher at Universidad Nacional de Asuncion CTO at TEDIC

ID 390340

Jonas Garbovetsky

Started an email marketing company. Strong business & IT background.

ID 405225

Pablo Aranda

Challenger of dogmas.

ID 108946

Santiago Nisnik

Systems Engineer (and future Comercial and Sales Manager) Founded @sanihosting (sold to Neolo.com), passionate Internet user and entrepreneur.

ID 697497

Thomas Volatile

Leading producer in output and client growth at BEST Institute. Fluent in English and Spanish. Expertise in market, sales and communications.

ID 385778


Sr. Buyer, sales especialist. Bachelor in Business administration, future Master in Coaching

ID 540693

Aline Maingard

Marketing and Communications. International Account Management, Client Relations and Business Development experience.

ID 389171

Hernán Borré

Software engineer entrepreneur that wants to help other tech companies to achieve their dreams digitally

ID 582590


Creative, Good Communication Skills and Tech Savvy

ID 209217

Mathilde Bateson

Worked at @performance-management-partner • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires, @telecom-paristech engineer it and strategy

ID 106926

Jose Molestina

Lifestyle design entrepreneur, athlete, and extremely dedicated by ideas.

ID 224270


(Product+Business)*(Development+Marketing) in SoLoMo

ID 607518

Luz Torres

Return to innocence

ID 356989

Leonardo Gallardon

ID 576073

Lucas Díaz

Passionate about Startups Finance, valuation and negotiation.

ID 155266

Natalia Tamayo

Entrepreneur in 2 projects: Rockeet. business consultant; B2Binnova: a marketing and startup's blog. Master in Strategic marketing and an Business Adminitrator

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