Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 181519

Federico Ignacio Guaglianone

Co-Founder at DoubleDoods.com

ID 50007

Jonatan Flores

I design Web & Mobile interfaces

ID 117751

David Kadavy


Author of Design for Hackers (Debuted at #18 on @amazon) Mentor at 500 Startups. Changing the way you see design.

ID 37644

Federico Roma

Entrepreneur. Founder of @liibook.com. UX Developer / Graphic Designer. Solid skills in illustration, photography and a focused team player.

ID 231457

Nico Garcia

Founder, Creative director @ 10x

ID 13884

Pablo Stefanini

Co-founder and C.O.O. at Criticis. UI & UX Specialist. Product Designer. Former pre-sales Consultant for @globant. Singer in a Metal Band.

ID 440975

Melanie Arakaki

Lead designer at @technorides

ID 438031

Thibaud Marechal

Founder @igloo. Previously founded @uniiv-1 . Studied IS @McGill. Went to @mit GFSA

ID 95420

Leandro Giovinazzi

Diseño de interfaces

ID 81074

Ernesto Daicich

Product Manager at Atotech Argentina SA -Specialty Chemicals businesses of Total Group

ID 110132

Kunal Kalro

Founder @outtrippin. Speaks 4 languages. Lived on 4 continents. Travel super-nerd. Front-end dev + biz-dev. Entrepreneur-in-residence @angelcube. </buzzwords>

ID 422605

Asael Arenas

Frontend Developer/Architect with plenty of experience working for important projects and brands on the IT sector. Building the internet since the late 90's.

ID 24070

Patrick Dugan

Fmr. Game Designer at Crowdstar, Vostu; Co-founder, Playhopper, Play This Thing!

ID 188011

Pablo Salvagni

Founder @root4 • Worked at @e-volution • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires

ID 284966

German Utz

Founder DeptoLibre • Studied at @universidad-nacional-de-cordoba

ID 222905

Alejandro Vizio

Graphic Pixel Artist Ninja slash Designer :P Love drawing monsters, monsters everywhere. Working as Interactive Art Director @aerolab.com.ar

ID 155871

Augusto Petrone

Founder @the-other-guys, Part of @three-melons founding group - Creative Director, acquired by @playdom, @the-walt-disney-company in 2010.

ID 385243

Adrian Tschubarov

BADASS Creative, Designer with a solid Technical background. Games and Apps UX/UI Designer. Game Developer. Call Now! Skype ID: tschubarov

ID 147618

Juani Ruiz Echazú

Lead UI Designer with a taste for code @ Aerolab.

ID 227650

Débora Edelberg

Passionate learner and user-lover UI designer and front-end developer.

ID 231464

Maria Laura Jasnis

UX/UI Designer at @empreware-1.

ID 391389

Carlos Bruscoli

Working on the internet since 1998. Strong UX and UI background.

ID 733871

Pablo Rossetti

Passionated Freelance Visual Designer

ID 512437

Juan Gomez Alzaga

Art Director at @cruzbarcelona / Full-time geek / Obsessed with #typography, #webdesign #illustration / Got a real love for #coding. It's like an addiction.

ID 298423

Cristian Conedera

Entrepeneur and Full Stack Developer, Co-Founder at @bothmedia, Co-founder & CTO at @sincronas

ID 349539

Nidia Rocío Carrillo

UI Designer

ID 621511

Javier Loucim

Software Architect, Generalist, a nice mix of technical with leadership skills.

ID 590749

Federico Llamosas

UI/UX Designer. Designed Fortune 500 websites. Worked at small and big digital agencies.

ID 156907

Tomas Lagro

Founder @mskme-1, doofoos • Studied at @universidad-de-buenos-aires, @carmen-arriola-de-marin

ID 121990

Alejandro Castells

UX & Interface Design Lead

ID 736698

Dario Michelone

8+ years experience multi-talented designer, UX, UI, Product. Working at Flowics, great team player, detail oriented.

ID 510548

Ale Benson

User centered design oriented. Front End Developer. Css Shaolin Monk. Web Performance Advocate.

ID 264184

Lisandro Martinez

Engineer, space scientist, designed space observation equipment, traveled to south pole, study alternate methods to reach ISS, commercial pilot flying A340

ID 182376

Alejandro Nul

Worked at @femeninas-1 • Studied at @university-of-ulster

ID 348203

José Luis Garbi

Prod dev + Prod management + UX

ID 502673

Patricio Tarantino

Fervent developer • Dreamer • Study Maths and Computer Sciences at @university-of-buenos-aires

ID 789026

Anibal Blasutti

UX Lead at Huddle Group/Globant and Crossfit lover!

ID 76410

Roy Walker

Product Designer. Helped startups empower their reach with awesome design. Self taught.

ID 490991

Jorge Luis Fatta

Development Team Leader at Barcelona/04

ID 200654

Andres Pi

Front-end developer, enthusiastic and detail oriented on improving the UX • Studied at @universidad-abierta-interamericana

ID 735853

Bek - Martin Bekerman

Award winning creative director, worked for great advertising agencies like Mccann Erickson and Grey Worldwide.

ID 183692

Diego Lerman

ID 223326

Facundo Gonzalez

I'm a young UI/UX Designer from Buenos Aires with a great eye for detail. Obsessed over beauty & function.

ID 81023

Jason Kirst

UX Specialist and Drupal Developer. Over 13 years of experience with Enterprise Web Apps. Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Cendant, Cartus, Agistix.

ID 662961

Exequiel Abreu

Professional Graphic, UI Designer & Illustrator

ID 677349

Sofia Houghton

Graphic Designer & Illustrator, worked for Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Fox Latin America, Mattel

ID 313677

Marcelo Origoni

Father, Son & Husband. Argentinian Web Developer, Javascript ninja, @mootools lover. I've been coding, since I was 8, but I started getting paid, when I was 20

ID 544004

Martin Nahuel Rabaglia

Creative Tech Lead with more than 10 year on SE and 5 years leading teams that launched award sites and products.

ID 393491

Celeste Saad

Founder yupdates • Worked at @havas-media

ID 397916

Matias Virasoro

CTO at Acool. DTP & Multimedia manager at Lionbridge and co-founder at Teinvite.com. Master in Advertising and Social Media at Universidad del Salvador

ID 411276

Nico Bevacqua

Full stack generalist, check out links for a complete profile

ID 298206

Alexis Sgarbossa

ID 326803

Francisco Caivano

Launched multiple succesfull personal projects. Helped companies to start using eCommerce in full scale.

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