Buenos Aires Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Buenos Aires.

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ID 147911

Ariel Flesler

Co-Founder & CTO @amberads

ID 43086

Josef Dunne

Co-Founder/CEO of @babelverse. TEDx Organiser. Community Builder. Jungle Survivor. Frequent Traveller & Glomad.

ID 793285

Alejandro Mohamad

ID 293650

Javier Wasserman

I specialize in thinking. Web Developer. Geek. Love Nature. Freelance entrepreneur for 9 years, leadershiping teams in the digital marketing industry.

ID 544348

Pablo Castillo

Founder and CTO at CEROCINCO Teacher at Universidad Nacional de Asuncion CTO at TEDIC

ID 152459

Alberto Miranda

Lead Developer @glyder, Software Architect @globant, Senior Developer @nextive, Senior Developer @hrsmart

ID 880027

Damian Sastre

ID 200654

Andres Pi

Front-end developer, enthusiastic and detail oriented on improving the UX • Studied at @universidad-abierta-interamericana

ID 98156

Mauro Zadunaisky

Lean hacker @dotspin | Coworker @Njambre | Lead developer http://BrowniePHP.org | Apprentice @hacerhistoria

ID 84316

Luli Rosset

Co-Founder + Web developer @el-webstudio

ID 146938

Hernán Calabrese

Lead Server engineer at Glyder. ex Nextive (Globant). Co-founded my first startup at 20.

ID 121853

Pablo Rigazzi

Tech Lead in @opicos. Strong Technological background as Tech Lead in previous Start Ups like OLX.

ID 540631

Juan Colacelli

Lead developer at @technorides. Main evangelist of Ruby on Rails in Latin America.

ID 313677

Marcelo Origoni

Father, Son & Husband. Argentinian Web Developer, Javascript ninja, @mootools lover. I've been coding, since I was 8, but I started getting paid, when I was 20

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